The Porsche/Shawarma Conundrum

Gather round, let me tell you a story...about value.

Long before the skyscrapers were built to reach the heavens, people lived closer to the ground. A friend of a friend of mine lived in comfortable, affordable trailer park housing in the middle of the desert. Let's call him Haider.

Haider was your average 24 year-old Canadian-Lebanese chap whose love for great music and drinks spawned many epic weekend adventures.

On one average night, he noticed something unusual.

Something that had probably been happening right under his nose since he moved to the desert. A few doors down, he noticed a brand-spanking new Porsche. Now, I don't know or care enough about cars to tell you anything more than it was brand, spanking, new & red.

Anyways, on one average night, Haider noticed this Porsche. Let's call it Red.  You would have noticed the sexy red car too, if you lived in the trailer park. He also saw Red's owner, a scrawny nerdy guy. The nerd clumsily stumbled into his car and a few fast food wrappers tumbled out. Scrawny Nerd revved up the car and zipped away towards the highway, under the speed limit, of course.

                  I know this is NOT a Porsche, but I did like the colors in the picture. You get the point.

                 I know this is NOT a Porsche, but I did like the colors in the picture. You get the point.

Since it was a conveniently nice, balmy night out, Haider began to take a stroll. As he walked by Scrawny Nerd's house, he stepped on the fast food wrappers.


Haider bent over and picked up six $2 shawarma wrappers. He walked over to Scrawny Nerd's garbage can and opened the lid.

Then he saw it. 4,000 more $2 shawarma wrappers.

The garbage was over flowing with them. 7,000 shawarma wrappers.

Haider stood in front of the garbage filled to the brim with 18,000 cheap shawarma wrappers, wondering what the universe was trying to tell him.

Did this guy eat anything else? Why didn't he just buy another $2 food item? If he has a Porsche, surely, he can afford lunch!

Then it dawned on him. The ludicrous-ness of it all.

Scrawny Nerd couldn't even afford lunch. Here he is, living in a desert trailer park, eating cheap shawarma and driving a brand spanking new sports car. Trying to impress people that don't matter with material goods that no one really cares about.

Imagine how drunk they'd have to be, Haider thought, referring to the girls Scrawny Nerd brings home.

He imagined a blonde bombshell (pleased that she finally bagged a rich guy) stumbling out of the car and into the trailer in a gin-induced haze. Let's call her Ginny. The next morning, Ginny wakes up in a tiny tin-can castle in the middle of the desert, obviously bewildered. The light hurts her face. Before Ginny can put two and two together, Scrawny Nerd shoves a $2 shawarma in her hand and guides her gently out the door. He whispers sweet nothings into her ear and closes the door.

I know what you're thinking. Yes, her makeup was smeared everywhere.

And so, Ginny began her walk of shame from the place where most confusing journeys begin. A trailer park in the middle of the desert.

The End.

This, my friends, is a metaphor for life.

Rich-ness or successful-ness is defined only by you. That is life's gift to us.

However, if you give that gift away - if you allow the definition of Rich-ness or Successful-ness to be defined by others, then you'll be left with a garbage can overflowing with 34 million empty shawarma wrappers in the middle of a trailer park in the desert.

In theory & in life.

My loves,

Love yourselves.


P.S. I know that's not a Porsche in the picture. It's a free stock image that works. You get the point.